We issue monthly newsletters to DASON members to keep hospital clinical pharmacists and physicians involved in antimicrobial stewardship programs up-to-date about technical, timely, and important news regarding antimicrobial stewardship topics.

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July 2019 The Antibiotic Pipeline - Quick takes on novel agents
June 2019 Community Acquired Pneumonia: 3 vs 5-day course of azithromycin in combination with a beta-lactam
May 2019 Updates to the NHSN AU Option: New Standardized Antimicrobial Administration Ratio (SAAR) + NHSN Reference Attachment
April 2019 TYRX Pocket - The Perfect Pocket?
March 2019 Are Oral Antibiotics Just as Good as Intravenous?
February 2019 Antibiogram Updates 2019
January 2019 It's That Time of Year: Flu Shots
December 2018 Preoperative Staphlylococcus aureus surveillance, decolonization, and the implications for SSI prevention and antibiotic prophylaxis
November 2018 Antimicrobial Stewardship Training Resources and More!
October 2018 The MERINO trial: Piperacillin-tazobactam loses out to meropenem in drug-resistant blood stream infections.
September 2018 Diagnostic Stewardship Part II: Understanding indications for collecting blood cultures for hospitalized adult patients
August 2018 Here We Go Again! FDA Updates Drug Safety Communication for Fluoroquinolones