Additional Resources for DASON Members

  1.  DASON Newsletters-- We issue monthly newsletters to keep hospital staff engaged in antimicrobial stewardship up-to-date about current trends and coming regulations related to stewardship and antimicrobial resistance.  The documents are easily downloaded from our website and available to you to distribute throughout your facility as best meets your needs for staff education.
  2.  Educational programs presented at prior DASON-sponsored Symposia—All presentations and educational materials distributed at each of the combined DICON/DASON annual symposia held since Fall 2013 are available in the members only section of the DASON website.  In addition to the educational materials described above, hospitals using eDASON services can send infection control and other personnel involved in infection control activities to our annual DICON/DASON Educational Symposium at no additional charge.  These symposia are designed to enhance and supplement the educational programs available on our website.
  3. MUE Primer-  Understanding antibiotic use is essential to designing meaningful and impactful antimicrobial stewardship programs.  This slide set is designed to walk users not familiar with medication use evaluation (MUE) methodology through the planning, design, conduct and evaluation of MUE data.  Using a case study format, practical real-world examples are provided that allow users to more easily conduct MUEs at individual facilities.
  4.  Position Statements-- Position statements provide information and opinions from our professional staff about various topics related to antimicrobial stewardship.  These position statements deal with common questions or issues and can be useful in implementing policies regarding specific clinical initiatives or targeted agents.  Position statements currently on the DASON website include the following:
    1. Procalcitonin-guided antibiotic therapy; Is it ready for prime time?
    2. What role should tigecycline play in the management of infectious diseases?
  5. FAQs-- We publish and distribute “FAQs” (Frequently Asked Questions) to member institutions. FAQs include information and opinions from DASON about antimicrobial stewardship questions that member institutions have asked DASON staff to address.  All identifying items have been removed from the FAQs in order to keep the name of the person or hospital asking the question anonymous.  These FAQs serve to help DASON hospitals provide excellent care to their patients. These FAQs may be printed for distribution at each institution.