Infection Prevention

The Duke Infection Control Outreach Network, also known as DICON, is a sister program to DASON.

DICON exists to help hospitals with limited resources develop state-of-the-art infection control programs - and to give institutions with more sophisticated programs access to comparative statistics to support their infection control efforts. The primary focus of DICON is to improve outcomes for patients – reducing the rate of nosocomial (healthcare-associated) infections and minimizing the costs associated with nosocomial and community-acquired infections.

Originally developed in 1997, DICON's collaborative network has grown to include:

  • 40 hospitals and surgery centers in five states (NC, SC, VA, FL, GA)
  • Small community hospitals, large regional medical centers, outpatient surgery centers ranging in size from 30 to 638 beds
  • 9,000 occupied beds (cumulative)
  • 45,000 employees (cumulative)

In 2016, DICON and DASON were proud to become some of the founding partners of the Duke Center for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Infection Prevention.

To learn more about DICON's work, please visit their website at