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Improving Patient Care and Patient Safety

DASON exists in order to help community hospitals address unnecessary antimicrobial use developing an evidence-based, state-of-the art antimicrobial stewardship network.


Significant Regional Differences in Antibiotic Use Across 576 U.S. Hospitals and 11,701,326 Million Adult Admissions, 2016 - 2017

DASON faculty Drs. Dev Anderson and Libby Dodds Ashley teamed up with faculty from The University of Maryland School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Calgary, Washington University School of Medicine, and Cook County Health & Rush University Medical Center to take a look at significant regional differences in antibiotic use across 576 U.S. hospitals from 2016 to 2017. 

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Reducing Fluoroquinolone Use and Clostridioides difficile Infections in Community Nursing Homes Through Hospital-Nursing Home Collaboration

DASON Operations Director and Liaison Pharmacist, Dr. Libby Dodds Ashley, worked with a team from Rochester NY to reduce fluoroquinolone use and C. difficile infections in community nursing homes through hospital-nursing home collaboration. Nursing homes (NHs) are an important target for antibiotic stewardship (AS). We describe a collaborative model to reduce Clostridioides difficile infections (CDIs) in NHs through optimization of antibiotic use including a reduction in high-risk antibiotics such as fluoroquinolones.

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The impact of an effective antimicrobial stewardship on patient safety, better patient outcomes, hospital costs, and reducing antimicrobial resistance are enormous.

—Dan Sexton, MD, Medical Director of DASON

The resources and support we have received from DASON have allowed us to move projects forward in our antimicrobial stewardship efforts much more quickly and effectively than we could ever have done on our own.

—Mary Mallory, RPh, Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator, Iredell Memorial Hospital