CDC AMR Challenge

The U.S. government’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge is a yearlong effort to accelerate the fight against antimicrobial resistance across the globe that launched at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2018. 



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DASON member hospitals now have access to a regularly updated antimicrobial stewardship FAQs page

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Improving Patient Care and Patient Safety

DASON exists in order to help community hospitals address unnecessary antimicrobial use developing an evidence-based, state-of-the art antimicrobial stewardship network.


DASON Hospital UNC Rockingham Health Care Awarded Advanced STAR Partner Status

This month, DASON member hospital UNC Rockingham Health Care received recognition from the NC SHARPPS program as an Advanced Partner. There are now a total of seven DASON member hospitals in the STAR Partners program. All three hospitals who have acheieved Champion status with the STAR Partners are DASON Member hospitals. 

You can check out the full list of STAR Partner hospitals, as well as learn a little more about the program, here

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Impact of FDA black box warning on fluoroquinolone and alternative antibiotic use in southeastern US hospitals

DCASIP and DASON fellow, Mike Yarrington, worked with the DASON faculty and staff to analyze antibiotic use data from 29 southeastern US hospitals over a 5-year period to determine changes in antibiotic use after the fluoroquinolone US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory update in 2016. Fluoroquinolone use declined both before and after the FDA announcement, and the use of select, alternative antibiotics increased after the announcement. 

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Four DASON Hospitals in Anderson, et al Study in JAMA Network Open

DCASIP Director, and DASON Co-Founder, Dr. Dev Anderson, et al, tested two core antimicrobial stewardship interventions at four community hospitals in the DASON network. The details of the study can be found on JAMA Network Open. They found that one of the care interventions -- post-prescription audit and review by a pharmacist after 72 house of therapy -- was feasible in facilities with limited resources and little to no antimicrobial stewardship expertise. 

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Total duration of antimicrobial therapy resulting from inpatient hospitalization

On May 28, 2019 a paper that DASON staff, DCASIP faculty, and Duke Health Pharmacy staff have been working on was published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. The purpose of this work was to assess the feasibility of electronic data capture of post discharge durations and evaluate total durations of anyimicrobial exposure related to inpatient hospital stays. 

To read the full publication, click here

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The impact of an effective antimicrobial stewardship on patient safety, better patient outcomes, hospital costs, and reducing antimicrobial resistance are enormous.

—Dan Sexton, MD, Medical Director of DASON

The resources and support we have received from DASON have allowed us to move projects forward in our antimicrobial stewardship efforts much more quickly and effectively than we could ever have done on our own.

—Mary Mallory, RPh, Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator, Iredell Memorial Hospital