Antimicrobial Stewardship Assessment Portal (ASAP)

DASON ASAP is a web application that allows network hospitals to view antimicrobial use data in real time.


With 17 metrics and the ability to drill down and look at data on specific antimicrobial agents, agent groups, facility locations and even prescribers, ASAP is a powerful tool for any antimicrobial stewardship program. Add to that the ability to benchmark your hospitals’ performance against others in the DASON network. More detailed, patient level data can also be downloaded through the application which facilitates quick patient selection for medication use evaluations.


ASAP automatically generates clean, visually appealing graphs and tables that make the data easy to understand and share with team members in presentations or reports. Easily see trends in antimicrobial use over time and compare your hospitals’ performance on key metrics against the previous year. The intuitive controls allow local team members customize the output in just minutes. demonstration of data visualization in the ASAP

Interpretation & Implementation

DASON ASAP is a valuable tool, but it is not all we provide. Using the insight we gain from ASAP, we work with local stewards to implement a tailored strategy to improve patient safety and reduce unnecessary antimicrobial use in your hospital. And we train local team members in ASAP, giving them the ability to use our robust application themselves.

Beyond ASAP

Newsletters, educational resources, position statements, cutting-edge research. ASAP is only the beginning of what DASON can offer to your hospital. Learn more about our member services.

Certification and Costs