Educational Resources

DASON Continuing Education Series

DASON is pleased to offer bimonthly continuing education webinars to member facilities on a range of antimicrobial stewardship topics, including:

  • Incorporating Procalcitonin Testing in Sepsis Protocols
  • Rapid Diagnostic Testing and Antimicrobial Stewardship through the Microbiology Laboratory
  • Incorporating Penicillin Allergy Screening/De-Labeling and Testing into Antimicrobial Stewardship Activities
  • Top Myths in Diagnosis & Management of Infectious Diseases

DASON members may register for upcoming webinars by logging in and navigating to the Educational Resources page.

Additional Educational Resources

DASON physicians and pharmacists have assembled a wealth of educational resources for use by member hospitals on the members-only site. For guidance on program development, Stewardship Initiatives outline a how-to approach, helpful references, and practical advice on selecting and implementing different program elements. Monthly Newsletters provide the latest information and practice recommendations from the DASON staff.

Additionally, specific clinical guideline-based educational materials for pharmacist and prescribers are constantly in development. Updated, accredited online courses for prescribers and pharmacists will be released periodically for member hospital stewardship programs to offer as part of educational initiatives. The goal of each educational course is to promote judicious antimicrobial use and teach essential principles of stewardship.