We issue monthly newsletters to DASON members to keep hospital clinical pharmacists and physicians involved in antimicrobial stewardship programs up-to-date about technical, timely, and important news regarding antimicrobial stewardship topics.

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July 2021 Intraoperative irrigation – “Do additives add any benefit?”
June 2021 Updates on the Treatment of C. difficile Infection: Highlights from the New IDSA and ACG Guidelines
May 2021 Opportunities Abound for Optimizing Antimicrobial Use in US Hospitals
April 2021 SEP-1: Easing Antibiotic Selection
March 2021 Blood Culture Contaminants: No Joke for Stewards
February 2021 Neutralizing Antibodies for Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19
January 2021 CDC Updates Gonococcal Guidelines
December 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A
November 2020 Oral Vancomycin for the Prevention of C. difficile Infection
October 2020 IDWEEK 2020: Highlighted Abstracts and DCASIP Research Presentation Synopsis
September 2020 Review of 2020 IDSA Treatment Guidance for Multidrug-Resistant Gram-negatives
August 2020 Putting Penicillin Allergies to the Test