Hospitals using DASON services can can have infection control and other personnel involved in infection control activities attend DASON Educational Webinars at no additional charge. These webinars are designed to enhance and supplement the educational programs available on our website. All of the materials presented at the webinar are available to review at a later date on the DASON members only section of the website.

Previous DASON Webinars are listed below as examples of the topics covered

Date Sort ascending Title
December 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Update
October 2020 De-escalation, Use of Oral Antibiotics, and Duration: Areas for Optimization of Antimicrobials
August 2020 Vancomycin Guidelines: CONcentrating on AUC-Based Dosing
June 2020 COVID-19: What have we learned?
April 2020 AUC-Based dosing of Vancomycin
February 2020 Stewardship and Sepsis