DASON Hospitals Participate in NC DHHS STAR Partners Initiative

A part of the NC SHARPPS program (learn about that here), the STewardship of Antimicrobial Resources (STAR) Partners Initiative will include activities related to the implementation of antimicrbial stewardship programs in healthcare facilities throughout North Carolina. 

In order to participate, hospitals must meet all of the criteria outlined in the checklist of requirements, as well as provide a signed statement of commitment. Once a hospital's application is approved by the Department of Public Health, the hospital is awarded a certicate and listed on the website here. All participants will be required to undergo an annual survey that will allow NC DHHS to monitor stewardship activities throughout the state and verify that stewardship programs within facilities continue to meet the requirements or their recognized level. 

Three DASON hospitals are currently on the list of participating acute care hospitals. They are Central Carolina Hospital, Iredell Health System, and Wilson Medical Center. Wilson Medical Center was approved at the level of Champion, meaning they have met all of the program requirements.